Which has actually noticed the document aside from citing that face that the doc was entered into proof in a congressional listening to. This has resulted in some circular study where everyone cites 1 supply that did not truly research the document in the initial location. I want to go to the original source of the quote. Who retains monitor of this proof is it National Archives, Library of Congress, does Congress have their personal records people? Is it possible to get copies, and how would that be done? I'm not looking for transcripts of the hearing, I've received copies of those I canada goose sale want copies of the proof by itself. Judging from what I keep in mind of my orientation at NARA, this will likely be there. You can attempt searching it down through ARC (Archival Research Catalog) and that will inform you where it is (and then you can go see it). posted ralph lauren outlet uk by sperose at 2:01 PM on July 1, 2010 How amusing I asked whether cheap nike air max 90 it was the Nationwide Archives, Library of Congress, or Congress' personal internal records: sperose: It is the National Archives MrMoonPie: Verify with Library of Congress Michael cheap ralph lauren Pemulis: Congress has their personal records So, I was on the right route, which happens to be three tributaries now matter how I reduce it :) Michael Pemulis: It was the "Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections", which Wikipedia says is now called the Committee on Rules and Administration. posted by AzraelBrown at 2:15 PM on July one, 2010 The toughest way to go about it would be to visit the committee by itself, and inquire to appear for the document. The physical artifact is most likely situated in the Senate Russell Office Developing, and in accordance to US legislation, the information as part of community area. The simplest thing to do is probably to get in touch with your Senator, and tell the nice staffer who you get what your issue is and what to do about it. posted by Michael Pemulis at two:twenty PM on July one, 2010 Sorry the last publish produced no feeling, I am surreptitiously posting from function and cheap air max 90 had no time to proofread. posted by Michael Pemulis at two:21 PM on July 1, 2010 Actually the easiest thing to do is most likely to get accessibility to Lexis Nexis Congressional, most likely through a library, and do your search there. posted by Michael Pemulis at two:22 PM on July 1, 2010 Looks like Michael Pemulis will be the large winner: "Committee on Privileges and Elections, 18711946" lists a bunch of stuff, but adds, "While these instances are the most thoroughly documented, many other instances involving the seating of Senators and related issues are documented in the information of the committee." sperose gets an honorary point out, although I'm searching for the Langer records, and the National Archives do say that they


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